The G spot

The Gräfenberg spot is localized inside the vagina, in the direction of the stomach. It's linked to the Skene's gland, also called female prostate (see the P-spot for men).

Fun vide With the increasing number of sex toys, some special G-spot sex toys have appeared recently. Some basic dildo with a larger ending (image) or very incurved like the RockChick.

The G-spot is erogenous aera inside the vagina, at 3 to 5 cm deep. It has the shape of a little ball smaller than a centimeter, growing when it's stimulated.

The G-spot massage can lead to high levels of sexual arousal and powerful orgasms. Even to female ejaculation, with any doubt the greatest female pleasure. However it's difficult for a woman to come alone, the increasing pleasure prevents from vigorously continuing the massage of the zone to the ejaculation.

The expulsed liquid is transparent and without odor, like pure water.

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