The prostate or P-spot

On the men, the women's G-spot equivalent is the prostate, called sometimes the P-spot. Accessible by the inside of the anus, at 3 to 6 cm deep, its massage with one or two fingers or a adapted toy gives a very different pleasure.

It's difficult to touch it alone, the prostate stimulation needs another person or a sex toy. It can gives a very long pleasure, or multiple orgasms, deep, without ejaculation.

First feeled like a need to urinate, the massage gives the sensation that the sperm is pushed from the inside. We can stay close to ejaculation during long minutes. We can also ejaculate by a more vigourous massage.
A thing is sure, this exercice will keep you tired and fully satisfied!

Anreros The P-spot stimulators are for example the Aneros or the RudeBoy. The first allows, by a light massage, to have orgasms without ejaculation during several minutes. The 2d press more strongly and leads to a quicker ejaculation from the prostate.

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