Anal sex toy

The anus is often under estimated by inexperimented persons. Indeed, it may be a source of great pleasure, if you start slowly with small and smooth sextoys.

Sextoys dedicated to the anus, for men or women

The anus is an area almost as sensitive as the penis or clitoris. Touching or licking can be solid preliminaries.

Because of its "dirty" side, it needs cleaning, or a rectal injection (insertion of water to more easily evacuate feces). Please note, however, the inner wall is very thin and fragile.

Butt plug The butt plug is a device which is inserted into the anus. It has a flared end to prevent the device from being lost inside the rectum.
Anal pleasure requires some experience, it's rarely pleasant the first time. Some plugs have a small size to allow initiation.

Chapelet oriental The anal beads are amusement devices that consist of a rope (flexible or rigid) with beads, to be inserted into the anus and then slowly removed to provide a very satisfying stimulation. It produces stronger orgasms in men as in women. It is also possible to move them more rapidly during orgasm, multiplying the power of it. They can also be used in a relationship for both vaginal stimulation, or shared between two partners.

Single seater Some toys for the anus are halfway between the beads and dildos. They are wider than the beads but contain waves to increase sensation.

For all that do not forget the sexual lubricant. It's a lubricant used to facilitate anal or vaginal relations, or for masturbation. In the case of a relationship with a condom, it's advisable to use a water-based lubricant.
As the anus doesn't produce lubricating secretion, it's essential to use one. At least saliva, but its effect fades faster.

Anal practice requires some experience to be appreciated. Even if it can rarely lead to an orgasm, except among men when we mass simultaneously the prostate, it can bring a great pleasure.

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