Female sex toys

For women there is a wide selection of toys: vibrators, dildos of all shapes, all colors and materials.

Dildo The dildo is a phallic object that doesn't vibrate, dedicated to penetration, used for sexual stimulation of the vagina. It's generally in the shape of a penis and a scrotum. However the manufacturers show more and more imagination to decline the dildos and vibrators in many forms, sometimes extravagant. Some have an appendix dedicated to the external stimulation of the clitoris.

The dildo belt is attached to a harness, usually to allow a person to penetrate his partner, as if that were her own penis penetrating. In particular, it allows a woman to penetrate a man through anus or another woman.

The double dildo is a long (and usually flexible) godemichet with both ends designed for penetration. It allows a mutual penetration between two persons (mainly designed for lesbians). It can also be used to penetrate both vagina and anus of a woman.

The vibrator is a device intended to stimulate nerve cells in the area being massaged. The vibrators designed for sexual use are often in the shape of a phallus, although we can also find an impressive choice of varied shapes.

Double rabbit The sextoys are increasingly developed. Vibrators with "ears", named rabbits can handle the vagina and clitoris simultaneously. There are even double-rabbits to touch vagina, clitoris and anus by vibration.

There are vibrators designed to stimulate the G-spot as the Rock Chick. The massage of this zone can lead to female ejaculation, a source of intense pleasure. G-spot page.

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